Petar Terziev

Petar Terziev is CELIS Assistant Country Reporter for Bulgaria.

Petar has obtained a Masters’s Degree in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics. The focus of his studies was Economic Sociology and Sociology of Markets.

Petar Terziev works as an analyst at the Economic Program at the Center for the Study of Democracy. Petar has five years of research experience in a diverse range of economic and social topics. His primary research focus is on the hidden economy in Europe. This includes studies of the patterns of cross-border undeclared work, tax evasion, and illicit financial flows. Petar also engages in other interdisciplinary projects, mainly on issues related to anti-corruption and foreign malign influence.

Prior to joining CSD, Petar worked as a sociologist in fieldwork projects in the Philippines, Nicaragua, and the United Kingdom. He is experienced in the application of diverse qualitative and quantitative social science research methods such as qualitative interviews, surveys, ethnographic research and media content analysis.