16-18 October 2024 | On-site | In private sessions only | Paris (France)

Hosted by the CELIS Institute | Convened by Steffen Hindelang and Roland M Stein

2 1/2 Days | 3 Keynotes | 10 Panels
60 Speakers, 60 Attendees: One Inclusive Dialogue for All

Expert speakers and attendees from various Governments, the EU, OECD, Business, Law Firms, and Academia

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About CFIS 24 - Investment Screening and Economic Security

The CELIS Forum (CFIS) is the flagship event of the CELIS Institute, now in its 6th year, and Europe's first and foremost place to discuss investment screening and economic security issues.

Thought leaders in investment control and economic security from Europe, the U.S. and beyond debate current challenges and influential ideas from both a strategic and highly practical perspective to chart geo-economic strategies for Europe.

The number of participants is limited to no more than 60 speakers and 60 attendees. Participants are invited with the view to form a trusted community of economic security experts from business, government, and academia who deal with the subject matter on a high level. Discussions at CFIS 24 will be held in private (strict Chatham House rules apply). There will be no public sessions this year.

  • Competitiveness in the New Geoeconomic Environment
  • The Security, Business, and Human Rights
  • The Current Global Regulatory & Investment Environment: The OECD Countries’ Perspective
  • Investment Screening and Economic Security in the Majority World
  • FDI (Inward) Screening Mechanisms in the EU and its Member States –Latest Developments
  • Preserving the Battlefield Gap in the Area of Technology– Between Export Control and Outbound Investment Screening
  • Investment Screening and the Firm – The Business Perspective
  • Investment Screening in the Military Sector
  • Sovereign Funds and Investment Screening
  • Legislators’ Perspective on Economic Security
  • Foreign Subsidies Regulation
  • Engage in dialogue with key policy makers and leading experts from government, business, private legal practice, and academia.
  • Hear about the latest thinking on investment screening and economic security relevant to overcome current challenges
  • Best practices, expectations, challenges in (inbound and outbound) investment screening in EU Member States, the EU, the United States and other jurisdictions
  • Understanding security risks and methods or risk mitigation
  • Thinking investment control 360 degrees - inter-linkage with sanctions, export control, and state aid
  • Developments to follow in the a fast-changing geoeconomic landscape.

The aim of our annual conference - CFIS - is to further foster our trusted community of thought leaders from government (c.40%), business (c.20%), private practice (c.20%) and academia, NGOs and others (c.10%). To allow for meaningful debate, sessions are held in private and the total number of tickets available for CFIS is therefore quite limited. Our speaker/attendee ratio is usually 50:50.

We have a significant number of returning participants, but we also aim to attract new participants each year who are interested in contributing to the strategic debate. If you are interested in attending CFIS 24 in Paris, we encourage you to contact our events team early at or via the contact form at the bottom of the page, as we do not have an open ticket sale.

CFIS Alumni and CELIS Fellows will be given priority on the invitation list. More about CELIS Fellowships here.

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This year's CFIS is held under the patronage of H.E. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty of France.

High ranking official from an EU Member State

“My experience at CFIS in Prague was overwhelmingly positive. The discussions were aptly led in such a way that all speakers felt free to share their opinions, whether or not they were consensual. I did very much enjoy the conversation, which was the right mix of expertise and politics. And I definitely believe that this kind of forum provides a much needed platform at a European-wide level to discuss sensitive topics in a way that complements more traditional institutional settings.”

Senior EU policy maker and regulator


“CELIS is unique in Europe, creating a pole of excellence and expertise around issues linked to investment and to economic security. Its work is of direct relevance for policymakers in shaping the legislative landscape.”

Professor Dr Stephan Wernicke

Head of Legal, German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Berlin

“CELIS is a highly relevant international forum for the business community to understand, debate and influence economic security perceptions and investment protection law.”

Professor Dr Bimal Patel

Member, National Security Advisory Board, India; Vice-Chancellor, Rashtriya Raksha Uni-versity; Member, UN International Law Commission

“The insights and practical challenges the nation-states face in upholding the rule of international economic law on one hand and economic security for each individual nation, emerged as perhaps the most important threadline in the 2023 edition. The detailed preparations on part of each speaker and quality of interventions throughout the seminar enabled everyone to take-away a few thoughts for influencing the norms and debates back home. As India rises to become the 3rd largest economy and aims to pursue enlightened national interests balancing the rule of international law and national security (economic security included), the developments taking place in India are inevitably bridging weight, influence and power in the emerging norms.”

Senior EU official responsible for large parts of EU trade policy


"CELIS offers a unique annual gathering of policy makers, academics and practitioners from the EU and its major partners on FDI screening. As FDI screening is there to stay and to expand geographically, it is key that CELIS continues to feed the FDI community with invaluable policy work on the topic and to provide it with a platform for collective brainstorming!"

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Our CFIS 24 Patrons


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CFIS 24 Programme Sherpas

To support the CFIS Forum in the run-up to the event, CFIS 24 Programme Sherpas take a significant role in preparing the various panels.


Liam McGrath

CFIS 24 Sherpa


Floor Doppen

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Neil Noronha

CFIS 24 Sherpa


Simon Shargi-Erdmosa

CFIS 24 Sherpa


Dominika Pietkun

CFIS 24 Sherpa

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