Impressions from CFIS 23

All photos by Katrine Larsen Mosbæk

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Wednesday, 11 October

Dinner Reception and Fireside Chat

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Thursday, 12 October

Towards a Geoeconomic Union - Do We Need a New EU Economic Order?

The Role of Partners and Allies in Providing Economic Security

Sandwiched Europe - The EU and the US-China Technology Hegemony

Public Forum - Keynote and Roundtable: Review of the EU's Investment Screening Regulation - Europe's Screening Mechanism(s) in Five Years Time

Kirkland & Ellis Drink Reception

CFIS Reception & Banquet with Dinner Speech by Pavel Fischer

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Friday, 13 October

Outward Inveestment Screening - Between Risk Diversification, Techology Denial and The Return of Capital Control

Building Resilience: Understanding the Development of Economic Security Policy Legislation Beyond The EU & Closing Remarks