Age Bakker

Age Bakker (1950) is Extraordinary Councilor at the Council of State of the Netherlands and Emeritus Professor of Financial Markets and Institutions at VU University Amsterdam.

After graduating in economics from VU University Amsterdam in 1976 he joined the  Nederlandsche Bank, the Dutch central bank. After a two-year secondment at the International Monetary Fund (1979-81) he became closely involved with the negotiations leading up to the establishment of the European Central Bank. From 1998 to 2006 he was a member of the ECB’s Monetary Policy Committee and Market Operations Committee. In 2004 he became Director of the central bank’s Financial Markets Department. In 2007 he was elected as Executive Director for the Netherlands constituency at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, a position he relinquished in October 2011. Upon return in the Netherlands he was awarded the title of Commander of the Order of Orange-Nassau. He chaired the Committee for Financial Supervision of the Caribbean countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands from 2011 until 2017. Currently he is chairman of the Supervisory Board of NWB Bank and occupies board positions at three Dutch pension funds.

Age Bakker holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam. His dissertation (1995) was on The liberalization of capital movements in Europe.  He has written extensively on international financial issues. Recently he co-authored The State of the Euro, an advice by the Council of State issued at the request of the Dutch House of Representatives concerning the future of the Economic and Monetary Union.

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