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The CELIS Institute is an independent non-profit, non-partisan research enterprise dedicated to promoting better regulation of foreign investments in the context of security, public order, and competitiveness. It produces expert analysis and fosters a continuous trusting dialogue between policymakers, the investment community, and academics. The CELIS Institute is the leading forum for studying and debating investment screening policy.

Want to get involved? Here are ways to stay in touch and contribute to the Institute’s aims:

Join CELIS Events

The CELIS hosts various events every year, among the CELIS Forum on Investment Screening (CFIS). CFIS is Europe's first and foremost forum to discuss questions on investment screening and economic security. Thought leaders in investment control and economic security from Europe, the US, and beyond discuss current practical challenges and influential ideas to sketch geoeconomic strategies for Europe.


Become a CELIS Fellow

Become a CELIS Fellow: At the CELIS Institute, we are more than just a network – we are a community of excellence in economic security. Our members are distinguished leaders and innovators in the field, embodying the highest standards of expertise and professionalism.

Being a member of the CELIS Institute is not just about having an affiliation – it's a testament to your dedication, proficiency, and adherence to the highest standards in the field of economic security law and practice. It's a signal to the world of your commitment to excellence and integrity in this critical field.

Your Benefits include

  • Be part of a community of distinguished leaders and innovators in the field
  • Preferential invitation to CFIS, the CELIS annual form on investment screening and economic security
  • Preferential invitation to contribute to CELIS projects, such as CELIS Blog or CELIS Country Reporter, and to CELIS events
Contribute to the CELIS Blog

HomeCELIS Blog: The CELIS Blog is a unique forum for current debates on international investment control and economic security law and practice more broadly. It brings the latest developments and analysis to you. From economic security (law) experts – for economic security (law) experts. Write for the CELIS Blog, showcase your expertise, and contribute towards the development of the field.

CELIS Newsletter

CELIS Newsletter: Stay in touch with the Institute and receive the latest developments in the field of investment screening and economic security, invitations to the Institute’s events, and get alerted when a CELIS blog post is published.

CELIS Country Reporter

CELIS Country Reports: Contribute with your in-depth knowledge and expertise towards our effort to identify best practice in the field of investment screening by joining the Board of Country Reporters. We regularly publish calls for positions to be filled. You may respond to these calls or get in touch proactively.

Become a CELIS Patron

Become a CELIS Patron: Over the years, our work has been generously supported by sponsors (CELIS Patrons). We also enjoy a charitable status under German law. Sponsorship as well as donations benefit from various tax privileges. If you are interested in supporting the work of the Institute do not hesitate to get in touch.

Donate to the CELIS Institute

Support the CELIS Institute's mission to foster better regulation for secure and competitive foreign investments by donating directly.

The CELIS Institute enjoys the status of charitable enterprise, uniquely positioned to (co)-finance through donations. It offers donors significant tax advantages by issuing donation receipts, as it actively promotes science, research, and adult/professional education in the dynamic realm of cross-border economic regulation. Your support can play a pivotal role in advancing these critical fields. → You can donate (paypal.com) here.

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CELIS hosts and organises alone and with partners various events on the fields of foreign investment and public order and secruity. Our flagship event is the CELIS annual conference.

The CELIS Country Report project aims to provide well-informed, open access analysis on foreign investment regulation, with a particular focus on investment screening in various jurisdictions.

CELIS produces, hosts, and points to various original and third-party content relating to the fields of foreign investment and public order and secruity as well as investment protection and facilitation.

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