Bent Ole Gram Mortensen

Prof., Ph.D. Bent Ole Gram Mortensen holds a chair in “Commercial Law, including especially Environmental and Energy Law” at the University of Southern Denmark. For the last 28 years, Gram Mortensen has been engaged in the legal aspects of environmental and energy issues. He has written and contributed to a large number of articles and books in English, Danish and German, having dealt with legal matters on upstream and downstream energy in Denmark, Greenland and EU. Among others he has been writing about Chinese investment in Greenland.

Prof. Gram Mortensen has in the past worked for The Danish Ministry of Justice, as a solicitor in private law firms and as a legal manager for Maersk Drilling. At present, he is Vice Chairman of the Danish Energy Board of Appeal and Chairman of the Valuation Authorities in the Region of Southern Denmark in compliance with the Renewable Energy Act.

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