Country Note Serbia 2023

CELIS Country Note on Serbia, 2023

by Luka Marosiuk

Date of Publication: 25 October 2023

The Republic of Serbia promotes itself as an open country and tries to attract as much foreign investments as possible, from various sources and in various fields. In the last year (2022), the Republic of Serbia attracted numerous foreign direct investments (FDI), which lay between 4.3 and 4.4 billion EUR. Partners of the Republic of Serbia are various and include China and the EU, but also Russia. Despite the increase of the FDI in the Republic of Serbia, it still has an undeveloped investment screening mechanism. The only field of industry where the screening mechanism is implemented is defense. Additionally, the National Bank of Serbia conducts some type of investment screening, but only for statistical purposes. Having in mind that the Republic of Serbia is a country in the process of accession to the EU and because of it, it has an obligation to align its legislation with the EU’s, we can expect it to implement some type of investment screening mechanism in the near future.

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