Hannes Lenk

Hannes Lenk is CELIS Assistant Country Reporter for Sweden.

Hannes Lenk is Assistant Professor in Law at Aarhus University, Denmark, and 
Researcher at both the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies and Gothenburg University, Sweden. He holds a PhD in law from Gothenburg University, Sweden and obtained an LLM in European Law from Leiden University, the Netherlands. His research revolves around the intersection between international investment law and EU external relations law. He has published in a range of peer-reviewed journals on issues including the EU investment court system, the EU principle of Autonomy, and the EU’s international responsibility. As a member of the ISDS Academic Forum he contributes actively to the UNCITRAL ISDS reform initiative on issues including authoritative interpretations by international courts and tribunals. Outside of academia, Dr. Lenk spent time at the European Commission, Directorate General for Trade.
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