Linda Lorenzon

Linda Lorenzon is CELIS Assistant Country Reporter for Italy.

She is a young law practitioner and collaborates with an Italian and international law firm based in Milan, where she mainly deals with FDI regulation, corporate and M&A matters. She holds a LL.M. (laurea magistrale in Giurisprudenza) from the University of Trento (Italy), European, comparative and Transnational Curriculum, and a bachelor’s degree in French Law (licence de droit) from the University of Paris Sorbonne Paris Cité – Paris Nord. Her final dissertation focused on a comparative French - Italian Law corporate law subject, under the supervision of Dr. Mrs. Elisabetta Pederzini and Dr. Mrs. Nathalie Blanc. Befoire joining the Italian law firm, she had a brief internship at a Portuguese law firm. 

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