Introducing CELIS Pathway Training and CELIS Institute Membership

Steffen Hindelang, Roland Stein and Andrea Berger Athens


Read in this Blog Post about two of the Institute’s latest projects: (1) We have recently launched the unique CELIS European Investment Screening Pathway Training. This series of courses is specifically designed for professionals who want to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of investment screening in Europe and beyond. The first course will take place in Berlin from 31 May to 1 June. (2) Furthermore, the Institute has introduced a CELIS membership. We are more than just a network – we are a community of excellence in economic security. Our members are distinguished leaders and innovators in the field, embodying the highest standards of expertise and professionalism.

New Project at the CELIS Institute: CELIS European Investment Screening Pathway Training – First Course in Berlin, 31 May – 1 June 2024

As the scope and complexity of investment screening increases, the CELIS Institute brings together leading experts who understand the screening process in a multi-jurisdictional context and from all relevant perspectives, i.e. government, private practice, business, and academia.

CELIS Pathway Training is directed at attorneys-at-law, government officials, judges, and in-house lawyers which seek to master their own screening legislation and that of major other European jurisdictions. The courses will provide the participants with an advanced understanding of major European screening regimes, the EU framework, and industry-specific challenges. They also provide unique networking opportunities enabling participants to expand their professional and referral network.

The concept consists of four courses, in Berlin, Stockholm, Brussels, and Paris, which can be booked either individually or a package. Each course generally consists of a concise account of three screening regimes, plus one session on screening in a specific industry sector, and a session on multi-jurisdictional screening as well as a session on the EU and international context of screening.

The courses are tailored to specific circumstances of participants, which means short introductory remarks followed by training in real-life scenarios, and a high-level involvement of participants. The idea is not to teach about the specificities of individual national rules but provide a common understanding of matters that typically come up in transactions.

The first course in Berlin will focus on the investment screening mechanisms in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with an additional focus on the US and UK, as well as the relevant EU and international legal frameworks.

Interested in joining or learning more about our training series? Visit the webpage for detailed information and enrolment into the Berlin course at 31 of May and 1 June 2024 and stay tuned for updates on the courses in Stockholm, Brussels, and Paris. Furthermore, the successful completion of the CELIS Pathway Training is one way to join the CELIS Institute as a CELIS Fellow or Senior Fellow.

CELIS Institute roles out its unique membership scheme

The CELIS Institute is, for the first time, opening invitations to become a member of the Institute. At the CELIS Institute, we are more than just a network – we are a community of excellence in economic security. Our members are distinguished leaders and innovators in the field, embodying the highest standards of expertise and professionalism.

Being a member of the CELIS Institute is not just about having an affiliation – it’s a testament to your dedication, proficiency, and adherence to the highest standards in the field of economic security law and practice. It’s a signal to the world of your commitment to excellence and integrity in this critical field.

Your benefits include: (1) Be part of a community of distinguished leaders and innovators in the field, (2) preferential invitation to CFIS, the CELIS annual form on investment screening and economic security, (3) preferential invitation to contribute to CELIS projects, such as CELIS Blog or CELIS Country Reporter, and CELIS events.

There are five membership levels available, depending on your experience in the area of economic security. (1) CELIS Affiliate (2) CELIS NOW Fellows (Students and young professionals) (3) CELIS Fellow (4) CELIS Senior Fellow (5) CELIS Patron.

Further information on benefits and admission requirements are available at the CELIS Website.

Other Upcoming Events

If your are in Washington DC, USA, on 7 May 2024, join us for a half-day event on Transatlantic Ties: A Strategic Dialogue on US-EU Investment Screening and Economic Security.

The CELIS Flagship conference, CFIS 24 – Investment Screening and Economic Security will take place in Paris (16) -17-18 October 2024.


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