Launch of the CELIS German Chapter and BDI-Event in Berlin

By Leonard von Rummel, BLOMSTEIN 
If you are interested in the latest developments and challenges in the field of investment screening and its impact on the German economy, you should not miss the Investment Screening Conference hosted by BDI and CELIS German Chapter on February 20, 2024 at the Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Berlin.

Globalisation is under great pressure – geopolitical competition is intensifying, multilateralism is in crisis and the misuse of trade policy to advance unilateral national interests is on the rise. Calls for stronger investment controls at home and abroad are growing louder, especially in the context of systemic competition with China.
This conference will bring together experts from politics, business, academia, and civil society to discuss the current state and future prospects of investment screening in Germany, Europe and beyond. You will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with members of the department of foreign trade policy at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, of the EU Commission, of the German parliament as well as judges and leading practitioners.
The conference will cover topics such as:

• Legal developments in investment screening at the national and EU level (esp. the new version of the EU Screening Regulation)
• Practical issues in investment screening such as timelines, procedures, remedies and best practices
• Investment screening as more than an instrument of economic security - implications for trade, innovation, competitiveness and sustainability

This conference will also mark the beginning of the CELIS German Chapter, led by Leonard von Rummel and Lena Hornkohl. The CELIS Institute extends its expertise and impact through national chapters such as the CELIS German Chapter. The primary aim of the CELIS German Chapter is to gather best practices and facilitate a robust and effective framework for FDI screening, aligning with national interests and security considerations. FDI screening is a critical component of a nation's economic and security strategy, allowing governments to assess and manage potential risks associated with foreign investments. By establishing a specialized chapter dedicated to Germany, the CELIS Institute aims to provide a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders involved in FDI screening processes within the country.
Key objectives of the CELIS German Chapter include:

1. Knowledge Sharing and Research: The chapter seeks to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise among policymakers, regulatory bodies, industry experts, and other stakeholders involved in FDI screening. This involves conducting research, organizing seminars, and creating a forum for discussions on emerging trends, challenges, and best practices.

2. Platform for Policy Advocacy: The CELIS German Chapter aims to form a platform that the members of the chapter can actively contribute to the development and improvement of FDI screening policies and regulations in Germany. By engaging with relevant government agencies, lawmakers, and industry representatives, the members of the chapter works towards creating a regulatory environment that balances economic interests with national security concerns.

3. Capacity Building: Recognizing the dynamic nature of global markets and the evolving landscape of foreign investments, the CELIS German Chapter endeavors to enhance the capacity of relevant institutions and professionals involved in FDI screening. This includes providing training programs, workshops, and resources to ensure that screening processes are both effective and efficient.

4. International Collaboration: Given the global nature of investments, the chapter will collaborate with other international organizations, research institutions, and national chapters under the CELIS Institute umbrella. This collaboration enables the sharing of best practices on a broader scale and contributes to the development of a global standard for FDI screening.

5. Promoting Transparency: The CELIS German Chapter emphasizes the importance of transparency in FDI screening processes. By promoting openness and clear communication, the chapter aims to build trust among investors and stakeholders while ensuring the integrity of the screening mechanisms.

You can register and find more information here.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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