Elvis Zerva

Elvis Zerva is CELIS Assistant Country Reporter for Albania.

Elvis is an experienced professional with developed expertise in business and investment law, public policies reform dialogue and studies in public law. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and Master LL.M in European and Constitutional Comparative Right, from the University of Tirana. His dissertations Execution of the Constitutional Courts Final Decisions in a Comparative Approach and Independent Constitutional Institutions and The Relations Among Them focus respectively on the importance of the Constitutional Court’s final decisions and their crosscuttings with the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, and with the role of independent institutions as centres of power in democracy.

He holds a CPD qualification on Regulation: Theory, Strategy and Practice by London School of Economics and Political Science and is currently pursuing the advance studies in Leadership for Global Business and Politics with the University of Yale, School of Management. Elvis is a member of the National Bar Association since 2008 and he holds several qualifications from national and international institutions in Justice, American Government & Constitutional Foundations, Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs and Conflict of Interests.

Since 2015, Elvis works as a consultant for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the Albania Investment Council Secretariat, a public-private dialogue platform established in the frame of Investment Climate and Good Governance Initiative. He currently holds the position of legal and regulatory expert responsible for providing detailed analyses, researches and practical recommendations on legal and regulatory reforms that aim to foster FDIs and improve the business climate in the country. Previous working experiences, include more than ten years of expertise with international companies in banking and electronic communications.

For more information and contact, please refer to LinkedIn.


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