CELIS Affiliate

250,00  plus VAT

Access to CELIS Institute products and public events.

  • *Administration Fee

    Please upload an up-to-date CV and a letter of motivation.

    • Administration Fee (max file size 64 MB)


Become a CELIS Affiliate and join the CELIS Community. The CELIS Community is home to leading Economic Security (Law) Experts. Every member of the CELIS Community must demonstrate expertise in this area.

Being a CELIS Affiliate allows you to access the CELIS Blog and CELIS News for free. You may be invited to contribute and receive discounts on the public CELIS events. For more information check here.

Demonstrate your interest in the subject matter by uploading a letter of motivation and your latest CV. Your application comes with a one-time 60 EUR administration fee. Your status as CELIS Affiliate is subject to approval.

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