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    Please upload a CV and letter of recommendation. 

    A reference letter is required from an individual (preferably a member of the CELIS Institute at any level) who has firsthand experience with you in the capacity of an investment screening / economic security law expert within the last year. The referee should submit their reference on business letterhead or via email from their business address, complete with their business signature.

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The CELIS NOW Fellowship is an unique opportunity for students and young professionals to become part of the CELIS Community.
Become a valued member of the CELIS Community if you are a young professional or student and have experience in investment screenning and economic security. Supporting young professionals and students in the field of investment screening and economic security is critically important to us. The CELIS NOW Fellowship is an unique opportunity to show your engagement, interest and talent in the field of economic security.

You can find a detailed description of the benefits as CELIS NOW Fellow here.
With your free of charge membership comes a one-time administration fee. We do not deduct an adminstration fee for CELIS Now Fellowship applications.

Your membership is subject to approval.

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