Jonas Fechter

Jonas Fechter currently serves as Deputy Assistant Director at CELIS Institute. He co-founded the Institute's early-career scholars’ and practitioners’ network on the law and practice of economic warfare (CELIS NOW) and the CELIS Blog together with Janosch Wiesenthal.

He is a PhD-candidate and research assistant at the University of Münster. In his research, he focuses on current developments in European and German investment screening law. Additionally, he teaches constitutional and administrative law at the faculty of law in Münster. Jonas holds an LL.B from King’s College London and is qualified to practice law in Germany. He pursued his studies at King’s and at Humboldt-University Berlin and received both State Exams in Berlin. During his Referendariat, Jonas worked at the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and at the German Chancellery, where he gained experience in Cyber Defence and Family law.

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