“Sneak Peek” – CELIS Virtual Symposium 2021: Sovereign-Driven Investments – Motives and Consequences

At last year's CELIS Virtual Symposium 2021, Jaap van Etten, CEO of CELIS Patron "Datenna", gave some thought provoking impulses regarding motives and consequences of sovereign-driven investments in his keynote. Many thanks Jaap!


Other speakers provided interesting insight into the following subjects in their keynotes and draft paper/abstract presentations:

  • Fair Play? The Politics of Evaluating Foreign Subsidies in the European Union
  • The merger control tools in the EU Proposal for a new Regulation on foreign subsidies distorting the internal market: The final pieces of the puzzle to ensure competitive neutrality in Cross-Border M&A?
  • The changing landscape of sovereign wealth funds: implications for investment screening
  • European Commission's First Annual Report on the Screening of Foreign Direct Investment into the Union
  • The EU Draft Regulation On Distortive Foreign Subsidies – What, why and how?
  • Industrial policy, competition policy and strategic autonomy
  • Setting the scene(s): Investment Screening and Beyond
  • Balance of Payments-Related Restrictions on the Freedom of Investment
  • Political-economic theses on FDI
  • Investor obligations through the prism of the EU foreign investment screening framework
  • Geoeconomic Competition and Rival Models of Capitalism: Assessing the EU Debate on Sovereign-Driven Investment
  • Geoeconomic Risks Associated with Foreign Investments


  • Investment screening mechanisms in times of COVID-19: national approaches
  • Economic sanctions as an instrument of foreign investment control - A commercial perspective
  • Foreign Investment Security Review in China
  • Creating assessment methodologies for national security threats
  • The Evolving Concept of ‘National Security’ and Foreign Investment Screening Procedures, with Particular Reference to the Italian Regime
  • States’ Shareholding as a Tool of Investment Control in Strategically Important Companies: Any Consequences for the International Responsibility?
  • Economic Sanctions as Instruments of Foreign Investment Control
  • What role for investment screening in international investment law?
  • The International Legal Framework for Foreign Investment Control
  • National security and essential security interests in the CJEU jurisprudence
  • Italian Foreign Investment screening mechanism in the EU framework between health security, defence of national interests, and economic recovery
  • The Multidimensional Scope of National Security
  • Investment arbitration as a potential tool for challenging adverse investment screening decisions
  • The Concept of Security: Reconstruction of the Origins, Scope and Meaning of an Ambiguous Symbol


  • Foreign investments in critical sectors in the European Union: FDI control and other parallel screening mechanisms – interference problems and practical solutions
  • Republic of Cyprus and Foreign Direct Investment Screening: Contemplating the Way Forward
  • Regulation on FDI and emergency discipline: from Protection to Protectionism


If these topics have raised your interest and you would like to access the related documents and/or the video recording of the event, or if you would like to contribute yourself to the CELIS Institute with your own ideas, you might like to become part of the CELIS Community, here.

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