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KlimaSeniorinnen: how did the ECtHR define States’ climate policy obligations?

Charlotte Dierickx-Visschers is a student researcher and LLM student at the University of Antwerp. She mainly focuses on sustainable development, environmental justice and fundamental rights law.  On the 9th of April, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) delivered three long-awaited rulings involving States’ obligations to mitigate climate change. Whereas two cases were declared inadmissible, the Court affirmed a violation ...
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Introducing CELIS Pathway Training and CELIS Institute Membership

Steffen Hindelang, Roland Stein and Andrea Berger Athens   Read in this Blog Post about two of the Institute’s latest projects: (1) We have recently launched the unique CELIS European Investment Screening Pathway Training. This series of courses is specifically designed for professionals who want to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of investment screening in Europe and beyond. The first ...
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The Role of US Investments for EU Technology Sovereignty

Dr Matthias Bauer,  Director at ECIPE and Ms Dyuti Pandya, Junior Analyst at ECIPE   Industry data point to a considerable investment disparity between US and EU digital companies, underscoring the role of US tech investments in the EU's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and highlighting the mutual interdependence between the two regions. In this piece, we delve into ...
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What Role For Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises After The Presidential Elections?

By Pierfrancesco Mattiolo, University of Antwerp   The Indonesian economy is growing at a rapid pace, following a model that combines free market principles with State planning. During the administration of President Joko Widodo, State-Owned Enterprises have gained even more prominence. How will his successor Prabowo Subianto wield this tool?  Over the next twenty years, Indonesia could become the world's ...
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CELIS Update on Investment Screening – March 2024

Bulgaria – Amendments to the Bulgarian Investment Promotion Act On 12 March 2024, by virtue of amendments to the Investment Promotion Act, a national legal framework for the screening of foreign direct investments into Bulgaria related to security or public order has been introduced. The amendments to the Investment Promotion Act were published in the State Gazette, issue No. 20 ...
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Strengthening the Biting Effect of EU Restrictive Measures Via Criminal Law – Some Critical Remarks

By Lorenzo Bernardini, University of Luxembourg   This blog post summarizes some insights that are detailed in a forthcoming contribution to issue 1/2024 of the European Criminal Law Review (EuCLR). The author would like to express his heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Iryna Bogdanova for her kind invitation to contribute to the CELIS Blog.    1. EU restrictive measures and their ...
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Investment Screening in the UK under the 2021 National Security and Investment Act

By Agata Daszko, University of Göttingen   In recent years the United Kingdom (UK) has joined many States in updating its legislation concerning scrutiny of national security issues when it comes to investments made in key or sensitive sectors. Indeed, the UK’s approach to investment screening underwent a significant transformation with the introduction of the National Security and Investment Act ...
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The Politization of Trade Defence Instruments

By Victor Crochet and Weihuan Zhou   Trade defence instruments used to be described as dull and technical, of little interest except as a money maker for a handful of trade lawyers in Washington, Brussels and other administrative capitals. There are two main trade defence instruments aimed at protecting Members of the World Trade Organization (“WTO”) from unfair trade practices: anti-dumping ...
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The New Significant Investments Review Act of Singapore – Some Insights and Lessons for Europe

By Philipp Reinhold, Saarland University   Singapore is known for a legal framework and public policies which are generally favourable towards foreign investors.[1] The country is one of the most open economies in the world. For 2023 as a whole, net inflows of direct investment rose by S$17.6 billion (around US$13 billion) to S$151 billion (around US$ 112.3 billion).[2] The ...
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CELIS Update on Investment Screening – February 2024

Ireland – Draft Guidance and Notification Form on the Irish Screening of Third Country Transactions Act 2023 On 16 February 2024, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment published the Draft Guidance on the Irish Screening of Third Country Transactions Act 2023, as well as a Draft Notification Form. The regime is expected to enter into force by 30 June ...
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