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The EU Commission’s Economic Security Package: Scale Up and Revamp

By Sophie Bohnert, Vienna University of Economics and Business/College of Europe and Kilian Wagner, University of Vienna  Introduction: Long Awaited, Much Longed-For!  Over the past six months, the EC has been gradually releasing bits and pieces of information about possible initiatives to scale up and revamp the EU’s foreign trade and investment policy toolbox, creating a sense of anticipation in ...
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Foreign direct investment screening in the EU: time to address weaknesses

By Mihails Kozlovs, Member of the European Court of Auditors, Dean of Chamber IV – Regulation of markets and competitive economy Introduction The European Court of Auditors (ECA) in its role as the European Union’s (EU) external auditor audits not only the implementation of the EU budget, but also assesses the economy, effectiveness, and efficiency of EU policy actions.  One of ...
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Outbound Investment Screening

By Dr. Leonard von Rummel, BLOMSTEIN   With the "Executive Order on Addressing United States Investments In Certain National Security Technologies and Products In Countries Of Concern", the USA has drafted a regulation for outbound investment control. This article deals with the question of whether a comparable project could also be transferred to Europe or Germany and, if so, what ...
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Call for Feedback

Dear CELIS Community, As we strive to propel the CELIS Institute's mission forward and foster growth, we invite you to play a key role in our journey. Your insights are invaluable, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to provide brief feedback on what you value most about the CELIS Institute and any suggestions for ...
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The European Union’s Anti-Coercion Instrument – A Closer Look at Decision-Making under a Politicized Trade Instrument

By Alexia Crivoi, Vienna University of Economics and Business Introduction The European Union’s (EU, Union) Anti-Coercion Instrument (ACI) is finally here. After an overwhelming majority vote by the European Parliament (EP) and the formal adoption by the Council, the ACI has now also made it into the Official Journal of the European Union. Regulation (EU) 2023/2675 (the Regulation) embodies the ...
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The Anti-Coercion Instrument – The Practical Repercussions of the ACI’s Entry into Force (Part II)

By Anh Nguyen, University of Amsterdam This is the second post in a two-part blog post providing an international law deep dive on practical repercussions of the ACI’s entry into force. This post will discuss international trade law perspectives on the ACI’s unilateral invocation of countermeasures. The previous post focused on general international law perspectives on the ACI’s notion of ...
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The Anti-Coercion Instrument – The Practical Repercussions of the ACI’s Entry into Force (Part I)

By Anh Nguyen, University of Amsterdam  Ever since its inception, the EU Anti-Coercion Instrument (ACI) has been trumpeted as a new shield against ‘economic bullying’ of the EU and its member states. Rather than being a legal instrument to be directly deployed against the EU’s trade partners, it was conceived as a deterrent instrument to signal to the EU’s partners ...
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Looking Into the Crystal Ball: What Does 2024 Have in Store for Investment Screening?

By Sophie Bohnert, Vienna University of Economics and Business/College of Europe A 2024 Kick-Off Message from the Editors The CELIS Blog is back after its winter break! The Editorial Team wishes all readers, supporters, and partners a Happy New Year! The Editors would like to thank the CELIS Institute and its Board of Directors for making this blog project possible. ...
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The CELIS Institute together with BLOMSTEIN have successfully assisted AmCham Moldova in improving the national Moldovan FDI law and align it with best practises in the EU

Over the past three months, the CELIS Institute has brought together a team of leading FDI experts to assist the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Moldova in improving Moldova's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) screening mechanism. The team supporting this process consisted of Dr Roland M. Stein and Dr Laura Louca from BLOMSTEIN and Professor Steffen Hindelang of Uppsala University. ...
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CELIS Update on Investment Screening – December 2023

Romania – New Amendments to the Romanian FDI regime On 6 December 2023 the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 108/2023 (“GEO 108/2023) was published in the Official Gazette. GEO 108/2023 provides for new amendments to Romania’s Competition Law no. 21/1996, aimed at fully transposing the EU Directive 1/2019 into local law. Main legislative changes include the meaning of foreign direct investment ...
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