Adam Dixon

Adam D. Dixon is Associate Professor of Globalization and Development at Maastricht University.
He is the Principal Investigator of the research project Legitimacy, Financialization, and Varieties of Capitalism: Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds in Europe (SWFsEUROPE) funded by the European Research Council. This project is focused on explaining how sovereign wealth funds are made legitimate as state actors in global and European financial markets, and how these funds are being used to legitimize and facilitate state intervention in economic development in countries across the income spectrum. In addition to his scholarship, Dr. Dixon consulted for or advised a range of international organizations and NGOs, such as the OECD Development Centre, the World Bank, the European Commission, the World Economic Forum, the Center for Global Development, Chatham House, the Wilson Center, and the Pacific Pension & Investment Institute.
His books include,
The New Frontier Investors: How Pension Funds, Sovereign Funds, and Endowments are Changing the Business of Investment Management and Long-Term Investing (Palgrave Macmillan 2016),
The New Geography of Capitalism: Firms, Finance, and Society (Oxford University Press 2014) and Sovereign Wealth Funds: Legitimacy, Governance, and Global Power (Princeton University Press, 2013).
He holds a D.Phil. in economic geography from the University of Oxford, a Diplôme (Master) de l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, and a BA in international affairs from The George Washington University.
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